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Keurig Coffee Maker - Keurig Brewers

Posted by Linda | 8:52 AM

Keurig Coffee Maker - Been a month, no problems at all. My neighbour has had his for over a year, not an ounce of trouble with this awesome machine.

First off, I'm going to tell you right off the bat, put Filtered or drinking water into the budget when buying this system. I've read people having trouble with their brewers breaking down over time. While not saying every instance for sure, I do think the majority of issues are caused by the type of water they are using. While Keurig said they recommend using filtered water with the Keurig Coffee Maker, I say it should be required. Most water, especially from the tap obviously, will have abnormalities in it, chlorine, fluoride, minerals, carbon, etc. I think it eventually will destroy the intricate mechanisms inside the best coffee makers. I used to work at a coffee shop. The big no no for making coffee was NEVER to use tap water in any type of instant brewer.

I say without question, do not use TAP water out of your faucet, or you may want to consider using a water filter like the Samsung Water Filter. Obviously it depends on your location, but most tap water will eat things like coffee brewers up. My water is really bad. I have instant water heater. I had my previous one replace after 2 years. The water literally ate up the tank and started leaking. It's basically a corrosive over time. This is the same premise for your coffee brewer, any coffee brewer for that matter, especially the ones that use internal heating for the k cups. So if you're going to get this amazing brewer, you gotta consider filtered water into the budget. Yes, you're going to pay more, but it will prolong the life of your Keurig brewer and most importantly, it will taste better too!

About the only things I've had come across, -- occasionally I noticed the Keurig Coffee Maker will give out different amounts of coffee, sometimes it uses more water, sometimes less. But it's very sporadic and the amount is pretty minuscule, so didn't affect the taste hardly at all. The best part about this coffee brewer is the speed. I can wake up in the morning and in about 3 minutes time, I'll have the best tasting coffee in my hand ready to drink. Highly recommended. Just don't forget that water!

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