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Killing Kennedy: The End of Camelot

Posted by Linda | 4:23 AM

I have been a US citizen for more than 30 years but not in 1963. With so many reviews here I have absolutely nothing to say about the actual events of that terrible day in Dallas.

Just where I was and what I was doing at that time. I was getting ready to leave my native Czechoslovakia for the USA (it took me 5 years more to arrive in New York) and I listened every night to Voice of America in Special English.

That evening it started slowly but it quickly became a regular broadcast US English I had more difficulty to follow. I understood the tragic news, however. 'President Kennedy was shot' followed quickly by the announcement of his death.

I started to call all friends I had in the city of Prague who tuned their radio to the same VOA broadcast.
Just as the book describes the American reaction, we had a hard time to believe what we heard. But it was the reality and the end of an era for a great part of the world.

Were the three years of JFK's presidency some kind of dream? It looks that way now.

Was there some kind of conspiracy? Many believe it was. My personal one is based on the movie Manchurian Candidate, wisely not shown here for several decades, with Oswald as the pre-programmed automaton.

Even if US agencies knew or suspected something like that, they could not risk WWIII by even hinting it publicly.
So we got some 10 or more conspiracy theories instead that will never be proven or disproved.

The authors did a very decent job and the popularity of their book is well deserved.

My New Panasonic 47 Full HD Smart 3D LED TV

Posted by Linda | 9:50 AM

I like and have bought many Panasonic product. In my experience they are well designed, durable and of good quality.
I have had this TV for several months now and so far it has done nothing to change my view.
Just to qualify my review I have used the TV for Freeview (SD + HD), BT Vision, Lovefilm Instant, Internet (YouTube, BBC iPlayer etc.), streaming from my home PC, watching DVDs and Blu Rays (Panasonic Player) but not gaming.

Good Points.
Excellent picture quality both on HD and SD.
Easy to set up, easy to connect to the Internet (WiFi in my case).
Easy to use.
Good connectivity options (USB, streaming from my home PC (windows 7), Scart, HDMI, PC (Monitor and sound)).

Not so good points - but all minor in my view
Nothing to do with the hardware but disappointed that I could not connect to Lovefilm Instant directly from the TV. Have done so via a laptop - but that's a bit messy.
Position of the connection slots HDMI, USB etc. could have been better placed and made easier to use.
On/Off switch should have been positioned on the front of the TV.

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