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Shred: The Revolutionary Diet: 6 Weeks 4 Inches 2 Sizes

Posted by Linda | 11:08 AM

I was really psyched to try this after watching Dr. Oz. I went grocery shopping and purchased basic ingredients to get started, but its just too hard to manoeuvre in kindle to use effectively. You can't bookmark, you can't cut and paste recipes, you can't tag rules, meals, etc.

Shred: The Revolutionary Diet: 6 Weeks 4 Inches 2 Sizes

Every phase and recipe category is in different chapters (i.e., smoothies are one chapter, soups are another), and while you can highlight items of interest within chapters, there is no way to just flip to highlights.

Example, if you want to go from the rules and meal choices for a particular phase, you then have to exit that chapter and go to the recipe chapter for the particular meal choice (say, for smoothies), then browse through smoothies page by page till you find the one you want (no way to bookmark to access easily if you want to find/ make again) - then back to the meal choices - exit, to a new recipe chapter (say soups), browse through soups, find one you want to make... then back to meal plan... then you might need to select an item from the seemingly endless list of various snacks... again no way to bookmark or organize favourites so every time you are going to have to go page by endless page... for every meal choice.

I gave up and figured one day when I had time I'd retype the basic meal structure and options/ choices so I could have it in one place and start doing the same for favourite recipes. Of course, that day has never come so I haven't done more than a day of the diet.

WTF is the point of buying an ebook if I have to retype everything to make it useful? This was the biggest waste of money. I wish I could return it and buy the book!

Love My HD Kindle Fire

Posted by Linda | 8:45 AM

Last year I bought the Kindle Fire and talked a friend into getting one who hasn't every had a computer and is handicapped. When the HD came out I wanted to get it. I love the sound when playing music and the pictures in HD are just like watching our TV.

 I was never a reader until I got my Kindle last year, I hated to read. The Kindle has changed all of that. My friend who is handicapped and loves to read but can't drive and health problems makes it hard for her to hold large books to read and to get out the buy books. I talked her into the Kindle Fire.

She loves her Kindle Fire and her 43 yr. old handicapped son, who can't read, has one. He watches moves and plays games and loves his music. So I had to put a good word in for the Kindle Fire. I got an idea what to do with my Kindle Fire I bought from last year.

At Christmas I had a drawing with my family for my Kindle Fire. I purchase the Kindle Fires last year for Christmas for my family. Each of them put their names on a paper and we drew the name of the winner of this package that was wrapped crazy. My son-in-law won it and he loves to read.

We had a lot of fun with that. I have Prime for my Kindle and love the free shipping and free books and more with it. I can't say enough about my Kindle HD. Just got the App. for the camera and having fun with it also.

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