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Fifty Shades of Grey just wasn't enough storyline for me

Posted by Linda | 1:01 PM

My sister harrassed me and my husband for weeks about getting this book. We were in Costco and my husband pointed the book out to me so I decided to buy the first book to see what all the fuss was about. I decided against the 3 pack bundle and I am so glad I did.

First off the book is an extremely easy read, however, it is repetitive as other reviewers have stated. Also, unbelieveable as other reviewers mentioned....a 27 year old owning a company with 40,000 employees? Come on now...I work for a company with 50,000 employees and my company is several decades old. You don't just start up and own a business of that magnitude in just a few years...I have my MBA but it doesn't take one to figure out that it is total B/S. I am all about willfull suspension of belief but geez... make it a little more believable.

I had high hopes for the book, however, it is just too adolescent for me. I am 33 years old and I couldn't get over the fact that a middle aged woman who is an executive in the television industry wrote this. It makes me wonder how in the heck she got an executive job.

Ok...about the book: Sex, sex, sex, and little plot. This is my first erotica book and I found myself wanting more of a storyline. At first the erotic scenes were hot but then they became repetitive like the rest of the book. I wanted to find out more about Christian in the first book and wanted to find out how he felt about her (Ana) but the ending entailed him beating the shit out of her (Ana) with a belt because she wanted to see "how bad it could be". Then finally she stood up for herself and left him. As a strong woman myself...I decided I liked that ending and decided not to read the other books. I am a hopeless romantic and "The Notebook" is my favorite book which is also an easy read but not to the degree of simplicity and repetitive nature of this book.

Am I mad I wasted my time reading the book...no atleast I know what all the hype is about now. It did make me realize how lucky I am that I have my loving husband so I gave it an extra star for that. I won't bother reading the other two books...I will just google the ending to find out instead of reading through all of the repetitive jargon and lip biting, frowning, smirking, etc. I don't have much time to read...I have 2 small children and I work so if/when I do read a book, the next one will have more of a storyline.

I don't recommend buying the book...borrow it or get it at the library if you want to know what all the fuss is about.

Is Your Affiliate Business Important To You

Posted by Linda | 10:35 AM

This month I planned to post all my earnings from some of the top earning sites and blogs that I maintain. But somehow I got carried away with other things and didn't get round to doing it. As always, this sort of demonstrates what happens to many of the guys out there. Many people have plans to write a blog post but get caught up in other things, and they end up no writing that post.

For me, when it comes to making money online you have to choose what is important to you. Some people spend their time watching their favourite TV programme, eating, facebook, spending time on Youtube watching other people do funny things. If we don't make time for things that matter to us, it's probably because those things don't actually matter to us as we'd like to think.

Gone are those days when I would spend hours on end just browsing the web, soaking up on other people's achievements, how much they's made and how they plan to make even more. These days my focus is on making every minute I spend online count. If there's nothing for me to do, I won't fire up my computer. There is a long list of books to be read, articles to write, products to promote. So, anything spend not doing any of those things can not be regained.

Here are things you could do make sure that you are not waiting time online not promoting your blog.

1. Write a blog post - don't procrastinate, just write that post you've been meaning to write. Once you've done it you could always come back and make it better. The hardest part is to get started but once you've written your first line, it will all start flooding in.

2. Join a good affiliate programme - if are not currently signed up with services like Hubpages, now is the time to sign up. They have one of the biggest and the best for those serious about making passive income online. I signed up a few months ago when I saw how much folks are making and I'm glad I did. To give you a taste of how much people are making, see this screenshot.

3. Invest - investing could be interpreted in many forms - it could be time, money, knowledge or whatever it is. But investing in your online affiliate business could be one of the best decisions to make. Any time or money spent now should be done wisely. If after the projected period you don't get any returns then try something else.

Those are a few of the things you could do to get you started. But what matters here is that you don't spend vital hours browsing the web when you could be making money. There are lots of programmes and blogs on how to get started. But if you are like some of my friends and you need someone to work with, I would be more than happy to show you the ropes for a weeks and let you carry on from there.

Remember, the future is for those who prepare for it today.

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