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WATCH FORMULA-ONE - Formula 1 live streaming

Posted by Linda | 11:45 AM

First thing first - It is important that you do not watch illegally - we recommend that you either subscribe to watch or check how your local service provider charges for sport channel subscriptions. That said, whatever you do don't get anyone of these credit cards. Instead, go for these low interest credit cards for those looking for very cheap loans.

With the new season about to start in just a few hours time, most Formula One fans are desperately looking for ways to watch their beloved sport. Some of them prefer Formula 1 live streaming on their computer or internet enabled TV. But if you are lucky enough to be living in some of the countries where they still show the races live on terrestrial television, then you're in luck.

But for others, the luxury to watch formula one live on TV is no more. For example those in the UK have can no longer watch all the live formula One races on the BBC, this is due to the latest contract signed between the BBC, SKY and Bernie. What this means is that only a handful of the 21 formula one live races will be streamed on the BBC. But there will be extended catchup show in the evening after the race.

SKY, however, will be showing showing all the races. Formula 1 live streaming is something they will also be providing their customers with smartphones and iPads. So if you are a Sky customer you will be able to watch all the Formula 1 live streaming straight from your handheld devices or online.

So, how to you watch Formula One - F1 if you don't have Sky or other digital TV subscription? Well, you have a very few option:

  1. 1 You could look around for some none English speaking broadcasters and see if they have any Formula 1 live streaming available on their site. I've seen a few myself and won't mind sharing it.
  2. This follows on from point 1. If you are in the UK and watching one of those foreign channels, you could turn the volume off and tune your radio to 5Live sport. That way you can listen to all the Formula 1 live streaming commentary in English.
  3. You could decide to just get Sky and watch all the live races.
I'm afraid you haven't got much choice. Things have changed and in the very near future all major sports will move to pay tv. But for now it looks like Formula One is the first to make that move.

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In the mean time, if you know of any better way to watch Formula 1 live streaming please let us know and we will be more than happy to share it with others.
Formula 1 live streaming

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