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Prodyne Fruit Infusion 93-Ounce Natural Fruit Flavor Pitcher

Posted by Linda | 5:23 AM

Many of us don't drink enough water because of it's taste, and let's face it, 6-8 glasses of water a day is a lot of water if we're just not into it's taste.

NO, drinking soda and it's equivalent diet drinks is NOT the same thing because they all contain some form of sugar content, fake or real and really are not good for you.

What's the alternative? Put something in the water to make it more palatable and easier to drink and this just fits the bill.

Strawberries, Cherries, Blackberries, Pineapple, Lemons and whatever comes to mind to add a little taste to the water.

Water as you all know can do a lot for you, from losing weight to flushing out the toxins in your system. So, if that's what the doctor ordered, then this may make it easier to drink the stuff. LOL.

It does give the water some flavor, but don't expect it to be equivalent to drinking a real strawberry or a cherry soda because it just doesn't get that strong (in flavor) nor will it have enough sweetness to replace the real stuff.

So, that's why we use this Prodyne Fruit Infusion 93-Ounce Natural Fruit Flavor Pitcher
Very cheap and has revolutionise the way we now drink water in our household. I highly recommend it.

Griffin Technology GC16034 Elevator Laptop Stand

Posted by Linda | 4:59 AM

I used a computer stand similar to this one (with a 13" Macbook) at a place of employment. When I needed my own, I started looking through my options and decided to go with this Griffin stand. I have a 15" MacBook Pro, and this stand works perfectly for it. The height is not adjustable, but at 5'3" the height is great for me. When my 6' husband tried it out, it was great for him too.

My laptop gets hot, so I appreciate the way that air is allowed to circulate all the way around the computer. It is also not bulky or an eyesore since I started using this Griffin Technology GC16034 Elevator Laptop Stand. In fact, I think it's barely noticeable on my desk. I can stuff my keyboard underneath it when I want to use more desk space. I also greatly appreciate that it can be easily disassembled for storage or packing if I need to relocate it.

Several of the reviews that I read mentioned that the stand loses its grip after a while. The one at work that I used previously never lost its grip even after several years of use. Having said that, I was still a bit concerned. BUT when this shipment came, there are two small clips that attach to the ends of the top of the stand that should prevent the laptop from sliding off. Griffin must have listened to its customers and made this improvement.

Kudos for that, Griffin. The only issue for me is that my CD insertion point is on the front right side, and one of the clips impedes the ease of use. I rarely use the drive, though, so it's a non-issue for me. If I were inserting and ejecting CDs all day, though, I would probably just not use the clip.

Overall, a great buy and reasonably priced.

Kindle, Wi-Fi, 6" E Ink Display - Bang For the Buck

Posted by Linda | 12:22 PM

The new Kindle 4 is pretty sweet. It's weighs less than a paperback and can pretty much fit in your jean pocket (although I don't recommend it). For $79 bucks you get the smallest Kindle yet. One drawback is that you have to deal with ads and I have to say that I miss the old screen saves, but not enough to pay $109 for the ad-free model.

Another issue is with the keyboard, or lack thereof. I don't do much typing on the Kindle, which is why I elected to purchase this model, but still when I have to type something it's a pain. The Kindle 4 also lacks audio capability, so you cannot listen to music, audio books, or use text-to-speech. Honestly, who uses those features anyway?? The text-to-speech sounded like a great idea, but any time I tried using it my brain couldn't keep up with the speech.

My biggest gripe with the Kindle 4 is that Amazon cheaped out and didn't include the AC adapter. They include the USB cable only, which means you either have to charge it on a computer, or buy the adapter separately.

Again, it's all what you're looking for in your Kindle. If you really need to type and use the audio functions then wait for the touch model to come out; if you're looking for a cheap, super light, and small e-reader it's hard to go wrong with the Kindle 4 for $79 bucks!

But if you are looking for the Kindle that has all the features that rivals iPad, then look no further than this Kindle Fire.

Almost Free: Panasonic VIERA TC-P50GT25 50-inch 1080p 3D Plasma HDTV

Posted by Linda | 1:09 PM

This is the first Panasonic TV I have ever owned. After this experience, I will seek out Panasonic for future purchases, and I would order through Amazon again.

Several months ago (Jan. 2011), I spent more time than anyone should researching which model should be my first flat panel TV - yes, I was the last person in America to buy a flat panel (I had a rare Sony tube with impeccable HD picture quality). I learned that there were 47 different models to choose from just in the 46-50 inch category across the major manufacturers. LCD/LED/Plasma/DLP... Daunting.

My primary goal was that I wanted exceptional picture quality. My secondary goal - I really wanted exceptional picture quality - not explanations to why I was finding fault with what I was seeing on the screen. Sports, movies, nature shows, gaming. 3d was intriguing, but not a priority. Most high end sets with strong picture quality are going to have 3d, which is how I ended up with the p50gt25. There was lots of press and raving about the next model up, the VT25, but the p50gt25 finds a perfect sweet spot of quality and price.

I started reading about detailed information, advanced testing, gritty technical details. I thought I needed that information to make the right selection. Maybe I did, but in the end I'm not a guy who brings a set home and runs excessive tests to see if they meet the advertised benchmark data. I'm a guy who watches the TV and either finds fault (and regret) with what I see or I enjoy a visually stimulating experience.

8 month in and I still find myself in awe of the picture quality on this TV. My wife is tired of hearing me mutter "I really love this TV." Absolutely no regrets, this was the right TV for me. Highly recommended.

I will admit that the sound on this set probably falls short of what other models are capable of. A non-issue when I watch movies or gaming through the surround system. Sound wasn't nearly as important for me as picture quality. Also, I've spent maybe 2% of my time on this set with 3d content, and I'd say it's a mixed bag, but that seems to be as much related to the content as the TV. Avatar was very enjoyable. Some scenes within the content are stunning, others not so much. I understand Panny has new glasses models that brighten the 3d image, and I'd be interested in that. If 3d is your top priority, I can't properly comment on how this set compares other than to say that my experience is fairly enjoyable.

Some advice - don't judge picture quality in a retail store. Don't even try to. Bad TVs will look good, good TVs may look bad. There's a reason why they most expensive models are in a dark room set up in a way where there isn't 4 other TVs around it in your line of site. And get that picture mode off "Vivid" as soon as you get it home! As a photographer, I find the THX mode is the right setting for me to accentuate colors while not losing details in the shadows for impeccable picture quality.

I do more online shopping than most, but was hesitant on this purchase. Even tried to get local retailers to come close to the price Amazon had on the bundle, but they wouldn't. I made the leap, ordered through Amazon - delivery and setup were flawless. Excellent experience, highly recommended, AND saved a lot of money.

The New Kingston 8GB Micro SD HC - Class 4

Posted by Linda | 7:46 AM

I bought this card initially as a replacement for the microSD that came with my phone (a Samsung 4GB Class 2 - see below re classes) as recording HD video was very laggy as write speeds were too low. Upon inserting this the change was noticed immediately - copying files to/from my PC were much quicker and HD video recorded smoothly allowing the sound and video to remain in sync.

I immediately bought another for my digital camera, which actually requires a standard SD size card, but this product comes with an adapter that you insert the microSD so there were no problems fitting it with any device that required microSD or standard SD size card.

Please note that this will NOT fit in a miniSD device. It is also an 'SDHC' card, so your device will have to specifically support SDHC and will not work in a device that only supports 'SD' (this includes any card readers attached to your computer!)

Overall, this card provides you with plenty of memory for your files, songs, photos etc and all at an affordable price. Kingston haven't let themselves down either by maintaining high read and write speeds, even for a Class 4 card.

(Those not familiar with classes - the scale typically goes from Class 1 to Class 10. The higher the class, the higher the performance/faster read and write speeds. Class 4 is typically standard and will suit most digital camera, phones, MP3 players. More detail can no doubt be found with a quick Google.)

JBuds J4 Rugged Metal In-Ear Earbuds Style Headphones with Travel Case

Posted by Linda | 12:48 PM

I just got these today and I am very excited about them. Comes with many head phone tips and a really nice case. I have two pairs of premium head phones that broke. Not that they weren't good they lasted a year a piece with heavy use. But before i got these i thought the Zune headphones were the best headphones I ever used, equaling to the Bose in ear buds in my opinion. But I was proven wrong. These sound even better.

When you get to the those deep base frequencies they rock your head like you are listening them by a good speaker set up. Theses are way above the league of those cheap skull candy head phones everyone buys, (because they like the bandwagon.) I say these are up to par with my Sennheiser HD 428, 201 if not better.

I haven't even given sometime to burn them in yet but they still sound great.

The build is very solid with out sacrificing its nice sleek curves.
Comfort could be better but i wont complain if they sound this good I did not like the ear bud tips that came with them so I put the Zune Premium head phone tips on instead and they feel better, must have grown accustomed to them.)

There have been some reviews about broken earbuds but i hope you can give them another chance because these are really great headphones.

PS. Zune Rules

The New Amazon Kindle

Posted by Linda | 12:30 PM

I got myself a Kindle a few months ago, and loved it so much I bought my mom one for her birthday last month. I also got the leather cover, and while I still sometimes get the urge to turn it over to check book description (old habits!), I honestly can't even remember how I managed without it.

Things I love:

* Buying books at good prices directly from my device (takes minutes, literally!)
* Rediscovering my Stephen King phase and finding all his classics in the Kindle store
* The text to speech function - makes me laugh every time, and is useful too
* Being able to read with just one hand, turning pages with my pinky if I have a cup of coffee in the other hand
* Instant set up, which meant not having to do anything to get started

The only remote issue I have had has cleared up. The first week or two after I got it, my Kindle froze a few times. Rebooting cleared it up, and it hasn't happened since then.

For those wondering whether to make the transition from paperback to digital... just do it! You will never look back, especially if you are an avid reader like me.

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