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Watch Formula 1 Online Free

Posted by Linda | 2:41 PM

Watch Formula 1 Online Free - Since the new season started last weekend, many fans the world over have been struggling to find ways to watch formula 1 online free. I first though this was an issue with viewer in this country, as it turned out it is a wide spread problem. Even those sites where you could watch formula one free online have all closed down.

What this means is that to be able to watch all the races live, you either have to subscribe to a package like Sky (if you are in the UK) or Both of the companies allow their subscribers to watch all the races live on their website as well as on TV and smart phones.

As I bloged last week about Formula 1 live streaming - you can also stream them on iPad and Android phones. Although their site says Watch Formula 1 Online Free, you are already paying for the service - which is why you are able to watch it in the first place. Of course they couldn't charge you for streaming it on mobile device because you are not using their network.

So, what if you don't have a satellite TV or cable subscription? Your options are limited. You could either watch it on one of those non English speaking sites and be prepared to put up with the frequent ad break interruption. This is what most people do at least they can watch the race live. Another option however, is to reduce the the volume of the tv and tune into and English speaking radio like BBC 5 Live. These guys are the leaders in live sport commentary - so while you are watching it on the website, you are listening to the radio commentary.

The obvious downside is that the radio is always 20 seconds ahead of the live web streaming. You will have heard the action 20 seconds before seeing that section on the live stream.

But if you are prepared to put up with that mismatch, then that is the closest you are ever going to get for you to Watch Formula 1 Online Free.

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