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Fifty Shades Trilogy - annoying and repetitive

Posted by Linda | 6:09 PM

I will admit that the first of the three in the trilogy was good. In the second the characters started to become more unrealistic and annoying. The basic layout of the second book was they got into a fight then they had sex then they talked about how much they loved each other then there would be a little bit of the plot.

In all honestly the author could have just copied and pasted all the sex scenes and lovey dovey talks and it would be the same book. The third book was just unbearable. I stopped halfway through because of Christians obnoxious need to control everything she did and Ana's even more annoying need to give in on what she wanted just to make him happy. She would be telling him how she felt only to have him seduce her mid argument.

As a result he continued to be controlling and it felt as if he never respected her independence. In my opinion the book is saying that it is okay to be in a controlling relationship when the sex is good as long as he seems to be making an attempt to change. The second and third book romanticize this unhealthy controlling relationship that this young girl is in.

I also do understand that this is a fantasy book, but it was more unrealistic than a cheesy horror movie on the SyFy network. First off Christian started his company when he was either 19 or 20 (because he did complete 2 years of college) and by the age of 27 he was making about $100,000 an hour.

Not only that but he had enough time to become amazing in bed, which as most women know it takes quite some time to train most men. Second, Ana climaxes at least once every time they have sex. Again if it was like this and they only had sex a few times in the book, then it would be believable. They also get married a couple of months after meeting and none of their friends or family put up a fight about this.

Everyone just asked them if they were sure this is what Christian and Ana then went on their marry ways. Finally, there wasn't a prenup! I don't personally know any billionaires, but I am assuming they would get prenups.

Bottom line, if you want to read a book with mediocre sex scenes and your fantasy is to have a man control you not only in the bedroom but in your life then this trilogy will be a good read for you. If not then the first book in the trilogy is good and I would recommend just finding a summary of the 2nd and 3rd online.

Erotic fiction needs a touch of wordplay to be foreplay

Posted by Linda | 2:56 PM

Every few years a piece of erotic fiction reinvents sex for us. What happens to women’s libidos between Melissa P’s One Hundred Strokes of the Brush Before Bed and Belle de Jour’s Secret Diary of a Call Girl is anyone’s guess (presumably we all get a huge amount of needlework done), but somehow we white-knuckle it through until the next humdinger.

The latest tale to set us all a quiver is E L James’s Fifty Shades of Grey – now the fastest-selling paperback since records began. Written by British mother-of-two Erika Mitchell, the book tells the story of Anastasia Steele and her sexual awakening at the hands of ageing buffoon – sorry, handsome billionaire – Christian Grey.

Sexual awakenings are rather unusual these days. There's a reason why the heroines in “mummy porn” tend to be fully awakened raging nymphomaniacs with sadomasochistic tendencies: when you find yourself married to a paunchy banker whose idea of a "sexting" is “Don’t forget the Mr Muscle”, you probably wish you’d spent your youth being tied up by every plumber, tennis instructor and viscount you met, too.

Women are pathologically lazy creatures, though, so when Catherine Millet described in her Sexual Life how she was only able to reach orgasm after 300 men, I think we were all rather relieved that we’d left the exploits to her.

A flick through Fifty Shades of Grey tells me why it's a winner. Like Austen's Emma (on which all erotic fiction plot lines are said to be based), this bestseller features a traditional build-up and the prerequisite ripped-jeans-wearing old sleeze-bag. Still, there’s a fundamental problem: the writing.

Bad writing has the same effect on my libido as Bryan Ferry – sending every motor neuron into emergency shutdown.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez rewards his three millionth follower on Twitter with a new house.

Posted by Linda | 10:56 AM

Like most people, I too have a Twitter account when I connect with people I find interesting. But for one lucky Venezuelan, following someone on Twitter has earned her a house from no other than their president. Rumour has it that Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez gave a house to Valdivieso as a gift for being his 3 millionth follower on the popular networking site, Twitter.

In the last could of years, the president has not only started using the internet heavily, he has also joined many social networking sites like Youtube, Myspace, Facebook and most recently, Twitter.

According to reports, he kept in contact with his government officials back home in his country while he was away in Cuba on medical treatment for cancer.

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The president sent a tweet to the Valdivieso to congratulate her for being his 3 millionth follower. She could not believe when the news go through to her that was to get a house. The government however, has been going through a massive public housing programme to deal with the countries housing issue. While this is a one off, many critics of the president have hit back this was not a good way to reward someone for simply being a supporter.

What do you think? Do you think it's over the top? Leave your comments below.

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