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Ubuntu App Developer Week - Free To Join

Posted by Linda | 10:59 AM

Last week, I posted a note that we will be having a whole week of free Ubuntu App Developer classes. This is open to everyone - it allows us to discuss how to develop applications that run on the Ubuntu Linux desktop computer. If you have been wondering how tools are developed for this platform, now is your chance to find out and hopefully have fun whilst getting your hands dirty in the process.

This free online programme runs for the whole of this week - lots of guys will be there to show you everything you've always wanted to know and more. If you have any question or an app idea, bring them all along with you and we will try our best to address them.

The focus of this Ubuntu App Developer week is to enable developers - beginners and advanced - to scratch their itches by helping them put together various applications; and showcase the wide range of development tools on the Ubuntu platform. We will also present other applications that have already been developed and talk about how they were written.

Be sure to join us from the 11th of April if you'd like to take part in the Ubuntu App Developer Week.

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