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Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty - Collector's Edition (PC & Mac)

Posted by Linda | 6:20 AM

Quite simply put, this game is a near perfect, balanced experience.
Take the original uniqueness of Starcraft: Wings of Liberty - Collector's Edition . Add massive improvements in graphics, and an even more considered and careful approach to the level designs, and you have SC2. It would be little use for me to wax lyrical about this game, many other people/reviewers/websites have already done this. For what it is, it is perfect for the job. Excellent level design, longevity, excellent music and FX and great acting. If you like action RTS games, you'll like this.

If we move on to the multiplayer, the options are considerable, with lots of achievements to aim for and endless options for 2/3/4/5/6/7 or 8 player games, with friends or the rest of your assigned global quadrant ( only EU players can play other EU players, or only USA players can play USA players etc etc )

Once the single player campaign is done, you will find more depth and longevity in the multiplayer or singleplayer skirmish modes. I myself have spent lots of time in these modes and have enjoyed every minute.

Whichever edition of this game you get will offer you great value for money, and this is an RTS experience that has simply re-written the rules. I wait in confidence for Blizz to do the same with WOW-Cataclysm. If only they would fix the twinks in PVP and get rid of gearscore.

Starcraft 2. Recommended beyond any doubt - Clcik here to buy it.

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