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The Joy Of Open Source Operating System

Posted by Linda | 1:13 PM

For a software engineer that works on Ubuntu Linux, it was a great feeling to see this video the other day. I planned on posting it here since then, but totally forgot until I bumped into it again this afternoon.

So, I'm posting it now in the hopes that it will inspire you as well and maybe inspire you enough to make you check out Ubuntu Linux - and hopefully join us in shaping its future. By the way, there's a week-long developer event currently running at Ubuntu website that will end this Friday. If you'd like to have fun and learn how Applications are developed for the platform, please do check out the link now.

For me, the journey into using Ubuntu - and finally helping to develop it started a few years ago. While at the university, I had a chance to see what other students were doing and wanted to get in the action. So, we used the Live CDs to create sides and other stuff that would disappear the moment the computer restarted. Loved it so much I started experimenting.

Today, I now do most of my work on Ubuntu platform and also help to promote it.  So, if you are a student and would like to get into working with great folks on cool open source software, I would recommend you check the Ubuntu website as there's always something for anyone to help with. You don't have to write code, it could be anything from just using the software and reporting blogs, to proofreading.

Watch the video below, see how people are using Linux ...and be part of that movement.

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