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Arsene Wenger Wiki

Posted by Linda | 3:44 PM

Arsene Wenger Wiki - For some of us who are die-hard football fans, we like to keep abreast of what most managers as well as players are up to. Especially if they play for any one of England's top teams...then we love to follow their trends.

For those who do not know Arsene Wenger - he's the manager of Arsenal football club - one of the world's best club. Arsene Wenger Wiki page refers to him as the best manager Arsenal has ever had as a club. Well, I don't know much about past managers, but having followed the club since I was little, I can easily agree with that comment. We love him, in fact, some us have books on our shelves that are dedicated to the club and the great man himself.

As a French man, he has brought some of the fashion, discipline and glamour to the game in this country...which is one of the reason most fans love about him. Besides that, he's also known to be a no-none-sense manager. In fact, because of his tough standard, most of the players have begin to clean up their acts and started focusing more on football than the life of celebrities.

We love him and hope he stays with the club as long, if not longer than Alex Ferguson has been with Man United.

I don't want to give you Arsene Wenger Wiki history here, instead, I will point you to great materials online that covers everything there is to know about the great French man. This includes pictures, biography, gossips, scandals, romance and latest news. But first, make sure to pick up a copy of his latest book here.

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