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Dreamgirl Girls Dreamgirl Classixx Chemise

Posted by Linda | 5:32 AM

I ordered this Dreamgirl Classixx Chemise cause I was looking for a sexy chemise to make my guy go crazy - I know guys like dirty revealing stuff :). Above and beyond, this nightdress is sexy enough for play but also comfortable enough to sleep in on those nights you're just wearing it to feel hot.Quick easy to peal off with one finger

It is see-through, but I'm not the skinniest woman either and it still made me look good. I didn't like the thong, but I'm not fond of thongs in general, I prefer being naked underneath this hot sexy chemise - so that is more a personal preference thing. My guy likes it when he finds that there's nothing under my dress... he's such a dirty boy; so he got really excited when I wore it, and I mean really-really excited. All in all, if lace makes you feel sexy, you'll love it. I personally think of it as an investment piece.

I wasn't too concerned with the price being over about $20 because again, I think of it as an investment piece, it makes me feel pretty, and I got free shipping(though I cannot guarantee you will get free shipping on said item). Be sure to see how much they're still going for - remember prices won't stay the same.

You can't go wrong - this Dreamgirl Classixx Chemise will surely do the job to get those sticky juices dripping. Treat yourself to a dirty, lusty time...you've worked too hard. Isn't time you rewarded yourself?

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