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Reading Techical Books On Kindle

Posted by Linda | 3:48 AM

I love my Amazon Kindle 3G - when I first bought it, I didn't think it was going to be a fun gadget to have all the time. It now goes with me everywhere...I use it to read some of the free ebooks I downloaded from Amazon, and others I bought.

However, there's a little issue I have with it when reading some of the technical .pdf books I transferred across to the device. Over the years, some publishers have sent me copies of the books in .pdf for reviews. They open nicely on my desktop and laptop, but are not displaying properly on Kindle. The usual code formatting is gone, instead, you have all the code left adjusted and the syntax highlighting is not showing as well.

Just wondering, is it just me or has anyone else experienced this sort of display issue? The diagrams in these .pdf files don't show up where they are meant to show. A bit pissed really - any tips on how you solved yours if you had this sort of display problem?

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