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How to Get Out of Your Own Way

Posted by Linda | 2:42 PM

First of all I would like to thank Tyrese Gibson for opening up to the world and shedding light to us in a fatherly way - This books content is strong..every page has a lesson to learn about..highs and lows all the way through..from being a troublesome child ..being kicked from school to growing up and facing growing pains,to having weight issues uncontrollable eating disorders,also having issues with women..

Tyrese Gibson also talks about how he almost messes his career up due to being extra selfish and immature..
This book here definitely has the power to change people's lives and surroundings.

High and low therapy all the way through
Tyrese is no different from any of us,he has made mistakes..NO..and CAN'T is not in his vocabulary..
I was personally going through problems when I read this book.. It motivated me to the point of looking for jobs (not run 5 miles yet lol)  But yeah I love the book it is definitely a book worth reading.

I personally learnt alot from it and hope you too take a few positive things away when you read it.
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