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Time Flies, This Clock Crashes

Posted by Linda | 12:31 AM

Behold the World's Worst Timepiece. If you are like me, you are probably searching for a cute, inexpensive but fairly reliable clock. You are endeavoring to disregard the negative reviews and pin your hopes on the positive. Don't kid yourself, and don't buy this clock.

As soon as I extracted the timepiece from it's box, I knew something was terribly wrong. It was disturbingly light, even with the battery in. The backlight consisted of one microscopic bulb located at 3. The body was loose, flimsy, and rattled when jarred.
The battery being installed, the second hand ticked erratically for less than a minute, then stalled, alternating between two positions. I re-wound the clock, adjusted the battery, tapped, and pleaded to no avail. I earnestly believe it is incapable of working properly.

In short, run. This clock certainly won't.

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