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Fifty Shades of Grey: Book One of the Fifty Shades Trilogy - My Honest Review

Posted by Linda | 12:23 AM

Being a fan of erotica, I was looking forward to reading this, considering how much publicity and praise it has received. Wow, was I disappointed. The writing of the book, along with the dialogue, is absolutely awful. I can handle that, as long as the actual sex is hot, but I felt those scenes left much to be desired, with the exception of the first one.

The actual BSDM, is tame compared to other erotica I have read. Erotica is fiction, but when the characters are put into a modern, everyday setting, I find it incredibly hard to believe a college graduate has never even masturbated. The notion of it is so distracting, it completely took me out of the story. Ana's conflicted feelings and tears over a BSDM relationship is what bothered me the most and left me unable to enjoy the story.

Ana wants to have a traditional relationship without the BSDM aspect, but seems to go along with it because she has fallen in love with Christian. That type of relationship, whether it is onlymwritten in books or in real life, is based off of a mutual want of that type of relationship.

How Christian pushes Ana into it doesn't float my boat. The way he dominates her outside of the sexual aspect is something I didn't enjoy. Women who are sexually submissive, does not mean they enjoy being submissive in other aspects of their life, even to the person they are submitting to sexually. Perhaps if this had not been in modern times, I would have liked it more, due to suspension of belief being greater.

Fifty Shades of Grey is completely the Twilight of erotica. It is poorly written, over-hyped,and is only enjoyed by people who rarely read erotica, or read in general. Like Twilight, it also features a heroine who had no self-esteem until she meets the hero, who also believes it okay to stalk her.

For anyone who enjoys erotica, skip this one.

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