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How to increase your traffic by news jacking

Posted by Linda | 12:30 PM

If you missed my other blog on Formula 1 live streaming - please see that article on how to watch all the races live on your computer.

Now back to business. If you are a blogger or run a niche website, you will want to listen out for all the latest news and see how you can benefit from it. This is exactly what all major news organisations do - so it's nothing new in the industry.

For example, I just read about Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band tour dates and that some of those dates have been cancelled because someone in band has been ill. And the headline was Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band tour dates cancelled.

Lets use this as an example of how you could do a bit of new jacking.

The point here is to quickly and cleverly write a detailed post on what happened based on the article you just read, your research and offer other things in those cities that people could do instead whilst the tour dates are cancelled. For example, if you are in London, you might want to the last film premier at the Leicester square cinema. But what is important here is that you carefully use the keyword 'Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band' in your title and in a few paragraphs of your article.

So, let think of how we could write our little article about the Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band news we just read.


Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band tour dates are in danger of being cancelled because of ill health. According to tour manager, one of the lead guitarists was hospitalised due to viral infection. Although he's well on the road to recovery, the tour doctor has suggested he stayed in hospital for another two weeks for careful observation.

Missing the gig? Don't worry, here at Top concert Tips we've been looking at 5 amazing things you could do on a short break to London instead...
Now at this point you could talk about 5 things they could like visit the National Portrait Gallery, Late Night Laughs, The Penthouse, madame tussauds and anything you think may be interesting for them to see and enjoy. If you have affiliate links for these attractions you could instantly start earning from this targeted traffic.

What is good about this strategy is that you can easily apply it to any niche you are into. And you can never run out of things to writ and talk about on your blog or site.

Hopefully that was a good tip on how to start generating good quality content and start making more money online.

Good luck

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