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Kindle Fire, Full Color 7" - Dysfunctional Wifi

Posted by Linda | 12:48 AM

The wifi on the Kindle Fire is inexcusably dysfunctional. I wish to do three things with my Kindle Fire (in order of importance to me):
(1) watch Netflix,
(2) browse the web, and
(3) read comic books.
When I watch a video on Netflix, I have approximately one hour of uninterrupted, glitch-free viewing time. After this hour, I will get a "Buffering" message. If I leave the device alone, 9 times out of 10, I will watch the buffering message for about 2 minutes, and then get a message that Netflix is experiencing network problems (the 10th time, the buffering will end, and the video will resume). Then, I must shut off the wifi on the Kindle Fire, wait 30-60 seconds, and restart the wifi.

I will then have anywhere from 5-20 minutes more viewing time before I must go through the entire process again.

When I browse the web, I have a similar problem, minus the predictability. At any time, the wifi will decide to no longer function, and I must restart the wifi on the device in order to get back to browsing. Even worse, occasionally, the Kindle Fire will simply refuse to reconnect to my home wifi network. The only way to resolve this problem is to unplug and power cycle my router. I have to cut off internet access to all my devices in my home for one minute, so that the Kindle Fire can reconnect.

For my final use, reading comic books, the Kindle Fire works quite well. However, its screen is not the same size as a comic book page, and thus I am forced to view panel by panel, and full or multi-page spreads can only be viewed at a lower zoom level. This limitation is something I knew going into my purchase of a Kindle Fire, but, at the time, it was a compromise I was willing to make in order to get a web-browsing, Netflix-streaming, comic-book-displaying tablet for $199. Sadly, that compromise has not worked out in my favor.

I've been using the Kindle Fire now since December 2011, and I am thoroughly disappointed. I have given it two stars because (1) it works as an e-book reader, and (2) it works as a comic book reader. I consider my $199 wasted, and I will now be buying a tablet that uses iOS, because that operating system has worked flawlessly for me on my phone - for each of the functions I've mentioned - for several years already.

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