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Fifty Shades of Grey: Book One of the Fifty Shades Trilogy

Posted by Linda | 3:52 PM

The first time I heard about this book I thought "interesting.. not sure I am into the whole BSDM thing, but what the heck". I am SO glad my subconscius, who yelled "oh come on, just give it a try" won the argument. I LOVED the story.

Anastasia Steel and Christian Grey as as different as two people can be, except for the fact that they are meant to be together. She is innocent and has saved her herself for her true love; He is well-versed in carnal desires to the point that his life-style is one of dominant-submissive relarionships. He has a kinly sex life and has no intention of changing...until he meets Anastasia. The first book, and really all three, focus on the evolution of their relationship. He is a difficult man to deal with, but deep inside he has reasons for being that way. Anastasia has a good heart and sees through him as no one else can. They argue, they make up (boy, do they!) and they show us that they are truly complimentary to one another.

I love the sense of humor. The plot kept me captivated. I could NOT put the book down, especially on their more intimate moments! Heck, made me want to get into a fight with my husband just so we could make up the way Christian and Anastasia do. :-)

I highly recommend the book, and I also recommend you get the second and the third as you WILL want to know how this turns out. I won't tell you, so find out for yourselfe. You will be captivated!

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