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Using Sport Pedals with Cleats

Posted by Linda | 9:20 AM

Since I started cycling to work, I feel like I have joined an elite group of keen cyclists in my area. These guys are always talking about their bikes every little chance get - how cool it is to ride around in this big city and not bother with the heavy traffic that's so common these days. Some of these guys I still bump into when I go for my Saturday morning ride, so we're sort of becoming friends in the process.

Two days ago, I mentioned to one of the guys about my new cycling shoes and how cool they were, but the pedals could do with a replacement. He suggested I look at the Shimano bike Pedals This is my first clipless pedal so I don't have much to compare it to but my experience so far with it is great. Easy to adjust the spring tension which makes it easier or harder to clip in or out. Also, like other reviewers noted this pedal comes with cleats.

Just a word of warning to everyone who hasn't installed a pedal before, BE CAREFUL when threading the pedal into the crank. This was the first time I had ever installed a pedal and I must have forced it in just a little bit because the pedal was cross-threaded (the threads didn't match up perfectly) and it wore the pedal threads completely bare. My pedal literally fell out of the perfectly smooth hole where the threads used to be. It's now at the shop costing 35+ dollars to repair.

This is definitely not Shimano's fault but be very gentle and careful when threading pedals into the crank!

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