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Go the F**k to Sleep

Posted by Linda | 5:59 PM

Oh wow! I love this book! Our 7 month old just reached teething; my patient, loving husband ordered this & when it arrived last week he read it to me after our son was (finally) conked out.
I laughed so hard I had to run to the bathroom in mid-rhyme during my husband's storytime!
Awesome! So worth the price to be able to laugh that hard with my parent-partner. I love my son, we all love our kids, and the sanity we give up as conscientiously-parenting adults makes bonding experiences like this so worth it!

My favorite parts are actually the pics: the kid running naked into the hall (all you see is the shadow of a bare bum), the bright-eyed awake child amid the peaceful slumbering animals, and the blessed papa taking the toddler back to bed while mama sleeps on the couch. Beautiful.

For all the partners & dads who care for the kids, while mom sleeps, I thank you!
Occasionally I've needed that primal scream, but this book helped even more when my loving son bit me yesterday with his cute little sharp teeth.

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