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The Lord of the Rings Trilogy - The Extended Edition

Posted by Linda | 2:17 AM

The Lord of the Rings Trilogy - The Extended Edition - Firstly 5* for the movie. Been waiting for the Hi-Def Extended edition. Thank you New Line.

Secondly, here's a logical reason for having two disks, and it's basic mathematics. Here goes, hope some of you learn some lessons here:

A Dual Layer Blu-Ray 50GBytes of storage = 400 G Bits of data (there are 8 bits in a bytes - remember this from Tron)

One 400 G/Bits Blu-Ray at around 210 Minutes per Movie = 12,600 Seconds of Movie. Therefore on a Dual Layer 50GB Blu Ray the average bit rate you could force on it for 210 Minutes of footage is 400,000,000,000 / 12,600 Seconds = 31.746031 MBits per second.

Now, as we all know the Max Blu Ray Bit rate is Spec'd at 36 Mbits/second. So, you will NEVER NEVER fit a full highest quality 1080P movie at 36 Mbits/sec. OK, so the average bit rate will not always be needed at 36 Mbits/sec (* see note below!), but lets face it technically you'd bee pushing it to compromise on Quality by squeezing it on 1 Disk.

Obviously Audio / Alternate sound tracks adds to the bit rate, although to be honest a couple of 192Kilobyte/sec audio tracks is a small % of that needed for video. The Main DTS would be 754K/bits per second so a bit more of a chunk into the 36MBits.

So, no way people. technically the movie WOULD BE INFERIOR is fitted onto 1 disk. Get real!

You seem to want New Line to defy the laws of physics - no way, so give it a rest hey over the number of Disks. You can't do it technically at 1080P.

Thanks to the people who queried the 36MBbs rate. This is, obviously(!), the spec of 1x Speed Data read rate - the minimum requirement of the most basic BD-ROM reader.

The Lord of the Rings Trilogy - The Extended Edition

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