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My Daily Cycling is Going Great!

Posted by Linda | 7:38 AM

Ever since I took up cycling, I have started noticing huge changes in my health as well as how long I spend in bed. My routine currently is that I wake up at about 5am and ride for an hour before having a showing and getting ready for work.

There's a big park just a few minutes from my street, so this makes it a cool opportunity for me to exercise and not spend any money in the gym. I don't think tying myself in for a one year contract will make me spend time at the gym. Research has shown that more than half who sign up for a gym membership don't even make it to the third month.

The cool thing about biking is that you get to ride round the park with other cyclists; there's n pressure and from anyone to corner you into some expensive membership fees. All you need is your own bicycle and some riding shoes like this Pearl iZUMi Men's Select MTB Mountain Biking Shoe. That's all.

Since last week I've managed to hit my daily target, so I hope to continue this week. I would totally recommend it to anyone who wants to lose some weight and not bother paying for some expensive gym membership.

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