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Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson - [Hardcover]

Posted by Linda | 2:49 AM

I adored reading this book on my latest Kindle Fire 3G Wireless device. Many people have pointed out its faults, and one I will agree with is that at times it is repetitious. But for me, whom worked in the entertainment business and was a tech geek, in many parts it was a walk down memory lane. My first computer when I arrived at college was a used Apple III. I was the only one on my floor to have a computer, so many people used it. It lasted about 3 years, then the "C" key broke when I was writing a paper on "Marconi and the influence teens had on the invention of radio." I had to write the whole paper using as little C's as possible, but I still had to go into the final draft and pen in all the C's in Marconi's name.

I then got a Window's based computer, used again, while my friends were getting Mac's. It was clear to me then that the Mac was better, but I had what I had, and it turned me into a "hacker." By the time I finished college in the early 90's, I was switching and adding more ram, adding graphics cards, worrying about the fan, switched to a new motherboard, etc. etc. etc.

Then Napster came around and I was downloading music. I only had dial up at the time, so I would set up my computer to download songs all night line over an open phone line while I slept. Remember download times. I worked for a major studio at the time, and I remember the funniest stern memo that came out that voiced outrage at the fact that they had found that most of the work computers had at least one program on it for "stealing" music. People were "stealing" music at work from their own company!!! I just couldn't figure out why the studios and their music companies were not working on ways to make it easier to buy music online rather than prosecuting 12 year olds and trying to encode each song with an electronic booby-traps.

Nonetheless, I went the Frye's hacking route for way too long. Finally after having so much trouble with my windows crashing with my itunes software, I bought a MacBook. Wow. What a machine. I'm on my 3rd iPod, my 2nd MacBook, my second iPhone, and now I want an iPad.

I guess all of this doesn't have much to do with the book. It is my own experience. It's history though, and a history completely shaped by the characters in this book, especially Mr. Jobs.

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