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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2

Posted by Linda | 1:48 AM

I really enjoyed the movie. It was fun, entertaining and really tied things up well, the movie deserves 4 stars, however!!!. The reason for this post is the HORRIBLE Ultraviolet copy, not a true digital copy. Ultraviolet streams the movie and dosn't use the now industry standards for Mac and Win. The movie is NOT stored on the computer as iTunes files or windows format video files. The movie streams from Flixter, which is horribly broken. If you dont have internet connectivity you cant watch the movie.

If you have a slow connection you loose frames for a horrible watching experience and if you pay for internet access by the megabyte you pay more then the movie costs on BluRay just to watch it once. It just dosn't work well.

Why is Warner Brothers changing a system people have become use to and a system for digital copies that most people like.. Ultraviolet is a solution where no problem exists. This is change that only WB and Flixter want. Digital format users are mostly happy with the system that has been developed, iTunes etc.

I have tried to contact WB to issue my complaint, to no avail. I did go to WB on Facebook and posted, along with only one other person, my dislike for Ultraviolet. I also recommend Amazon give feedback to WB of our dislike of Ultraviolet. I'm not a fan of ripping movies but it looks like that may be the only way to get WB movies in a digital format so we can watch the movie where and when we want and on what device we choose. Do what you can to avoid Ultraviolet and complain and complain often until they listen.

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