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Kindle vs. iPad

Posted by Linda | 3:35 AM

According to Amazon, Kindle Fire is a premium product, offered at a non-premium price. It brings everything they’ve been working on at Amazon for 15 years - Kindle, Amazon Instant Video, Amazon MP3, Amazon Prime, Amazon Appstore, and Amazon Web Services - together into a single, fully-integrated experience for customers.

But do they really match the power, style, performance that Apple's products provide and we've all come to expect from smart devices? Well, they've put up a nicely written document which compares the two devices side by side. It makes a very nice reading especially if you've been wondering which of the two to buy for Christmas.

As someone who has an iPad already, it's quite fascinating to actually see how much they have in common and not only size, but in features and functionality.

See the whole Kindle vs iPad here. This might just change how you've always looked at products before because the retail price of a product does not necessarily mean it packs much better punch.

If you were thinking of buying an iPad in the next few weeks or months, you might want to read the comparison document to be sure you are not throwing away your hard earned cash. 

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