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The New Kingston 8GB Micro SD HC - Class 4

Posted by Linda | 7:46 AM

I bought this card initially as a replacement for the microSD that came with my phone (a Samsung 4GB Class 2 - see below re classes) as recording HD video was very laggy as write speeds were too low. Upon inserting this the change was noticed immediately - copying files to/from my PC were much quicker and HD video recorded smoothly allowing the sound and video to remain in sync.

I immediately bought another for my digital camera, which actually requires a standard SD size card, but this product comes with an adapter that you insert the microSD so there were no problems fitting it with any device that required microSD or standard SD size card.

Please note that this will NOT fit in a miniSD device. It is also an 'SDHC' card, so your device will have to specifically support SDHC and will not work in a device that only supports 'SD' (this includes any card readers attached to your computer!)

Overall, this card provides you with plenty of memory for your files, songs, photos etc and all at an affordable price. Kingston haven't let themselves down either by maintaining high read and write speeds, even for a Class 4 card.

(Those not familiar with classes - the scale typically goes from Class 1 to Class 10. The higher the class, the higher the performance/faster read and write speeds. Class 4 is typically standard and will suit most digital camera, phones, MP3 players. More detail can no doubt be found with a quick Google.)

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