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Kindle, Wi-Fi, 6" E Ink Display - Bang For the Buck

Posted by Linda | 12:22 PM

The new Kindle 4 is pretty sweet. It's weighs less than a paperback and can pretty much fit in your jean pocket (although I don't recommend it). For $79 bucks you get the smallest Kindle yet. One drawback is that you have to deal with ads and I have to say that I miss the old screen saves, but not enough to pay $109 for the ad-free model.

Another issue is with the keyboard, or lack thereof. I don't do much typing on the Kindle, which is why I elected to purchase this model, but still when I have to type something it's a pain. The Kindle 4 also lacks audio capability, so you cannot listen to music, audio books, or use text-to-speech. Honestly, who uses those features anyway?? The text-to-speech sounded like a great idea, but any time I tried using it my brain couldn't keep up with the speech.

My biggest gripe with the Kindle 4 is that Amazon cheaped out and didn't include the AC adapter. They include the USB cable only, which means you either have to charge it on a computer, or buy the adapter separately.

Again, it's all what you're looking for in your Kindle. If you really need to type and use the audio functions then wait for the touch model to come out; if you're looking for a cheap, super light, and small e-reader it's hard to go wrong with the Kindle 4 for $79 bucks!

But if you are looking for the Kindle that has all the features that rivals iPad, then look no further than this Kindle Fire.

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