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The New Amazon Kindle

Posted by Linda | 12:30 PM

I got myself a Kindle a few months ago, and loved it so much I bought my mom one for her birthday last month. I also got the leather cover, and while I still sometimes get the urge to turn it over to check book description (old habits!), I honestly can't even remember how I managed without it.

Things I love:

* Buying books at good prices directly from my device (takes minutes, literally!)
* Rediscovering my Stephen King phase and finding all his classics in the Kindle store
* The text to speech function - makes me laugh every time, and is useful too
* Being able to read with just one hand, turning pages with my pinky if I have a cup of coffee in the other hand
* Instant set up, which meant not having to do anything to get started

The only remote issue I have had has cleared up. The first week or two after I got it, my Kindle froze a few times. Rebooting cleared it up, and it hasn't happened since then.

For those wondering whether to make the transition from paperback to digital... just do it! You will never look back, especially if you are an avid reader like me.

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