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Griffin Technology GC16034 Elevator Laptop Stand

Posted by Linda | 4:59 AM

I used a computer stand similar to this one (with a 13" Macbook) at a place of employment. When I needed my own, I started looking through my options and decided to go with this Griffin stand. I have a 15" MacBook Pro, and this stand works perfectly for it. The height is not adjustable, but at 5'3" the height is great for me. When my 6' husband tried it out, it was great for him too.

My laptop gets hot, so I appreciate the way that air is allowed to circulate all the way around the computer. It is also not bulky or an eyesore since I started using this Griffin Technology GC16034 Elevator Laptop Stand. In fact, I think it's barely noticeable on my desk. I can stuff my keyboard underneath it when I want to use more desk space. I also greatly appreciate that it can be easily disassembled for storage or packing if I need to relocate it.

Several of the reviews that I read mentioned that the stand loses its grip after a while. The one at work that I used previously never lost its grip even after several years of use. Having said that, I was still a bit concerned. BUT when this shipment came, there are two small clips that attach to the ends of the top of the stand that should prevent the laptop from sliding off. Griffin must have listened to its customers and made this improvement.

Kudos for that, Griffin. The only issue for me is that my CD insertion point is on the front right side, and one of the clips impedes the ease of use. I rarely use the drive, though, so it's a non-issue for me. If I were inserting and ejecting CDs all day, though, I would probably just not use the clip.

Overall, a great buy and reasonably priced.

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