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Topeak Explorer Bike Rack

Posted by Linda | 2:30 PM

This rack is a really sturdy rack and has plenty of surface area to mount medium gym bag with no issues. I got it because it has the strip down the middle to use as a small fender and the accessories that Topeak has for it. It has a mount for a light for which I mounted a Blackburn MARS nicely. For days when i had to take something with more bulk to work I would bungee a milk crate to it. Make sure it is on tight or it will slide off the side. Unfortunately the MTX rails in the middle would eat into the crate. Topeak has a MTX folding crate that will roll behind. I recommend it.

I picked up this rack from the LBS some months ago and mounted it on my Mens Schwinn High Timber 26 inch. This rack is a great fit for this bike. I ran into the same issue as another reviewer with this bike concerning the mounting screws for the bottom of the rack. The bike has bigger holes than the screws so I too went to Lowes to pick up some new bolts. The instructions listed sizes of the hardware so I picked up the same size of bolts but longer to use a lock nut on them (I didn't want to have to drill out the holes).

I mounted them bolt head on the inside and nut on the outside. Worked great until I realized that the bolt head would rub the chain in the lowest gear. Taking a file to the bolt head to trim it down some did the trick.

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