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Schwinn 17-Function Bike Computer

Posted by Linda | 12:17 PM

I honestly can't believe this cost me only $10. And for me it was free because I used some of my
Amazon credit
The little thing works just fine. I've had it for about a month now, and I've never been frustrated with it. Although the instructions were a bit hard to understand sometimes, installation was no hassle. It took me 10 minutes to set up the whole thing. You can just run to your bike and install it, since it comes with the plastic ties you need for holding the things in place, and also with a battery.

I usually use the speedometer, odometer, and clock, but I just set it on scan so it goes through the whole thing. To be honest I didn't need all 17 functions, but it doesn't hurt to have it.
The thing turns off after 5 minutes of non-use, and you can take the computer off when you're done riding (which I love, because people steal things around here if they're just hanging). The computer was smaller than I thought, but that was a plus for me because it doesn't take up space.

Overall, I just am so happy I got this. For the price I think I got a great deal. It could be $20 or $25 if you ask me, considering how much it does and how easy it is to use. I don't know much about technology so I can't be sure that it could be that much, but I really think it could fly for a higher price.

If you're a daily biker just looking for a practical little computer that does the basics for you (I never understand why they have the calories and fat-burning functions), I would recommend this. Oh and shipping was prompt, as usual.

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