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Free 3G + Wi-Fi Kindle with New E Ink Pearl Technology

Posted by Linda | 5:09 AM

I love this reader. I was able to adjust the font size such that I can easily read even without my glasses. I am allergic to dust. I don't have itchy fingers as I often get when reading traditional paper books. I no longer have a runny nose as I would have when I'd read with a book too close to my face. I often did this as I prefer to read without glasses.

I enjoy being able to see the highlights other readers have made when reading. This gave me an unexpected interactive component to the book. It seems silly but I find joy knowing that others found a phrase, sentence, or paragraph exciting or profound.

I also like how it syncs with other devices. I can pick up my phone, laptop, and desktop and continue where I left off on my kindle. The built-in dictionary has greatly increased my vocabulary. My scrabble friends should beware!

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