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In My Time: A Personal and Political Memoir

Posted by Linda | 2:59 PM

Before September 11, VP Cheney, our public employee, met in the White House (our public building) with some influential gentlemen from the private sector.

Despite using our facilities, our employee declined to name those participants, who sat on our furniture.
And the media? You're doing a heckuva job, Brownie! This is something you can not find out for us? Too busy being spoonfed?

I'd prefer to hear Colin Powell's commentary, as he did last weekend, saying he was sent into the United Nations with bad information.

We can still recall Adlai Stevenson going to the UN to warn of the missile installations in Cuba. At that time, he brought out huge photographs of the actual equipment and locations. You will recall Powell showed up, how many decades later?, with nice computer-generated graphics. Hunh?

And the media, about that? Zzzzzzzzzzzz. Too busy being spoon-fed, or spoofed, at best. If you can believe what Cheney says and does, find out who visited him. If he's so innocent, what does he have to fear?

Good luck, Mr. Phelps!

  1. Ceska 5:54 PM  

    "in my time" is a very hard to put down memoir .Iam intrested in politics and world affairs and history and I found vice president dick cheneys book very fasinating he has worked with some of the top presidents ford nixion gw and gh bush and he has served in the congress and he has fought the war on terror and in this amazing memoir I got an indepth insiders view of what it was like to be there whean 9/11 was happening and what tough choices had to be made what made this so intresting to me is so many historical events that happened over our years in our country and vice president dick cheney shares alot of inside information also avalible in audio and download great gift idea for a friend or family member.

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