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The Latest Kindle 3G Free 3G + Wi-Fi

Posted by Linda | 12:35 AM

I have had my kindle for about a month.

Like most people I am extremely happy with it. We do not have Wi-Fi so I purchased the 3G one. I am glad I did as it works anywhere - I have had great fun demonstrating to other people how easy it is to buy a book!
It is very easy to use, both for actual reading of the book as well as ordering them. I used it at interval when I was in a dimly lit theatre and I could still read quite easily. With the cover it is comfortable to hold as you read as it stays open when not using any hands - it is simple to rest it on your lap or on the couch beside you.

The manual that is already loaded onto the kindle is very straightforward and explains anything you need to know. I have already put quite a few books onto it and sorted them into categories. The battery life is very good and charging is simple. I charge it from the wall using the same charger that I use for my ipod.

My husband and daughter also intend to purchase a kindle and it is great that we will all
have access to any books purchased from Amazon. If you are still debating about buying a kindle (do I need it? I love the feel of books etc) - take my word for it - you will love it! Just go ahead and buy it.

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