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Battle: Los Angeles

Posted by Linda | 12:47 PM

So....before watching this, ask yourself what it is you are really looking for in a movie. If you are looking for the next incredible script and/or amazing dialogue, you might as well just move on. This is an action film, pure and simple.

The basic premise is that a bunch of clustered meteors appear on our tracking devices not long before impact, and seem to be falling near major coastal population centers around the globe. Before impact, they all slow down, and "pieces" of the clusters break away from their main hosts. Film crews on the scene reveal that they are actually aliens, who begin by killing the beachgoers and destroying the ships off the coast. Prior to "impact" a general evacuation of the target areas had been ordered by the gov't, but apparently, a lot of people wanted to witness the event, including swimmers and surfers. Anyway....

The central focus of the movie is a squad of marines led by a green lieutenant and a grizzled staff sergeant with a reputation for getting his soldiers killed in combat and/or leaving them behind (played by Eckhart). The marines set up a forward operating base to halt the alien invasion. Several units, including Eckhart's are sent into the warzone to rescue civilians that havent made it to the FOB, or are trapped. Of course, nobody is quite prepared for the alien soldiers they encounter, but the unit is gritty, and fights their way to some civilians. Their rescue chopper is blown out of the sky with their four (or five, cant remember) injured squadmates in it. So....they have to hoof it to the FOB. Did i mention that the gov't plans to carpet bomb the whole area, and they only have a limited amount of time to get out of the area?

This is where the movie really starts getting interesting. I wont ruin the rest of it, but there are lots and lots of gunfights and explosions, some of which actually knocked my speakers off the entertainment center! Also, Eckhart in particular really shined in his role, but in truth, you come to love all the soldiers, and find yourself feeling proud of those who survive and those who die as well.

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