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Swiss Gear Backpack

Posted by Linda | 3:10 PM

Swiss Gear Backpack - Last month, I talked about the beauty and comfort of having a durable and quality backpack. If you missed it and would like to see it, check out the Swissgear Laptop Backpack article.

One thing I failed to mention in that post is what makes this backpack one of the best on the market. It comes with a 17" laptop space - meaning that no matter how big your laptop is, this bag will surely take it and still have enough room left for other items.


Those among you who are interested in the technical specifications will be glad to know that it comes with air-flow back padding, shock absorbing straps, and padded laptop pocket able to sustain drops up to 3 feet. Equipped with a removable A/C adapter pouch and removable LAN gear storage panel.

The cool thing about this backpack again, is that it's ideal for commuting - with your items locked safely inside. Mine has served me for a number of years and still going strong...with very little complaints. What really got me buying Swissgear products is the high quality backpacks they always produced. Some of us have used one of the products in one form or another, but just didn't realise it. Everyday, on trains, buses and cars around the world, people are commuting with their precious possessions tucked away in one of these Swiss Gear Backpack.

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