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How to Save Money Fixing Your Home Appliances

Posted by Linda | 3:59 PM

Being the sort of person that I am, I thought I would replace my own Samsung Water Filter without having to call some repair man. I have used them for the usual odd job now and again, but it always ended up costing me a lot; even when the job was too small. Not that I'm complaining of how much it costs, (no one likes to waste money anyway) but it is the way they make it seem like they've done something so great that you couldn't do it yourself if you tried.

What gets me angry is how people think they can mess you about. Let me explain. I recently moved home and needed someone to help disconnect my gas cooker, washing machine and the rest of the laundry stuff. I thought it would make sense to just call one of the guys I knew to come down and get them disconnect, and eventually, help reconnect them at the new place. He refused to discuss about payment on the phone and said it won't cost much just to disconnect and reconnect at the new place.

After disconnecting, he said it would cost me £50 for the total round trip job, but needed me to first pay £30 now, and then complete the payment once I've moved things to the new place and ready to reconnect them. As it turned out, the removal guy who help with the moving thought he would show me how to install cookers and washing machines. To my surprise, all he did was push the end gas-supply pipe behind the cooker into the wall socket - think of it like a male-to-female connector, and a simple push and twist was all it took. This took less than a few seconds - just to connect the cooker.

For the washing machine, this did not even take much longer as well. Because they come with two pipes - one for the waste water, and the other for incoming water, he quickly connected the waste water pipe into the sink and connected the water supply pipe into the 'Y' joint underneath the kitchen sink; which he tightened up with a ring and a screw.

All these lasted no more than 5 minutes...

Having seen how easily these household tasks can be accomplished, I decided not to be paying for things that simple again. This time when I needed to replace my Samsung Water Filter, a quick search was all I needed. Four months on, the fridge continues to work without any problem. The cool thing about it is that I not only manage to figure out the type that I needed, but also installed it myself.

In this period when things are tight, if you think you could do with a few savings, searching online so simple solutions might be one of the best money saving ideas.

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