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Shark Steam Mop

Posted by Linda | 4:10 PM

Shark Steam Mop - I had never used a mop this powerful before this one. We have marble floors both in the kitchen, hallway and the bathrooms - and keeping them clean involved using water in buckets and woollen mop with wooden handle. It took time, effort and energy to cover the whole place..and in some case, you had to scrub hard enough to get rid of the dried-in stains and dirts.

But it was a friend who recommended I get one of these Shark Steam Mop as they work quiet well. And I must say it has not only changed the way I clean my house now, it has also changed my life totally. I had heard people comment on how useful the Shark Steam Mop is, but didn't really pay much attention. I'm the sort of person that rely on word of mouth before I commit on something like this. So, when a friend suggested I check it out, I knew it was well worth it.

When it is delivered, it comes in a pack - assembling it is a breeze, it takes a few moments to put together and you are off. Although it will come with and operation manual, you are like not to need it as all the button and features are clearly marked. One added thing I like about this Steam Mop is the seemingly endless power cord. No matter how big your house is, you will not need to move the socket around.

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