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Response to Your Email

Posted by Linda | 4:13 PM

Thank guys for your emails - I loved reading them all and will do my best to answer or reply to as many as possible. I know there are some that need my answer in private, and I will attend to those as well. Receiving your messages and seeing what interest you guys are fascinating. Like I've said countless times already, there are no easier ways to make money online these days than to stick with what works.

I currently use a few channels to promote products online, and by far the best place I would recommend is Hubpage. There are about 16 of my articles on the site and they are doing reasonably well. There are people who have 100s - and are constantly getting paid month after month. So, that shows that the site is still a place to showcase your work. I know this because mine are there as well.

As always, you don't have to be an expert to write on a topic - but it helps if you had an experience in that area. I wrote this small hub on Flat Roof Repair - How to Repair Your Flat Roof over a year ago
and it's constantly pulling in alot of traffic. So, check it out and see how you too could write something similar.

If however, you'd like to see more, I have another one on 4 Guaranteed Ways to Make Money Online - this one is not my favourite but it too is still doing quite well.

Give them a try and hopefully they should inspire you to start making money and pay off those credit card bills.

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