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Healthy Eating Simply and Easily

Posted by Linda | 1:42 PM

I felt compelled to write a review after this top reviewer  wrote an outright smear, and have her friends create accounts on Amazon to boost her ranking. What a despicable, ugly person. There is no "boiled egg recipe" in this book. Paltrow went under the knife to remove a tumor, despite the "kk" reviewer's claim that she freaked out over a migraine.

I'm not sure how such an ugly person who wrote such an obviously untrue and ugly review is top rated, but Amazon needs to get their act together and ban these fake accounts and reviews.

Now for the book itself, the recipes are easy and not super expensive as suggested. The only two expensive ingredients I've found are manuka honey and quinoa. If you're interested in superfoods at all, chances are you already have these in your cupboard, as I do.

I am a guy who likes to eat good food and I'm not rich. At the end there several weeks of meals planned out, with page number references. Each week is customized for different type of person. Some I can recall off the top of my head: vegetarian, elimination diet, power gainer (my favorite), and just a normal variety week. The elimination diet uses juices for breakfast and snacks to keep you satisfied throughout the day.

It's the most comprehensive and satisfying meal plan I've seen of it's type. The book is obviously geared toward women, but I don't care, I just care about the information provided, which is both easily approachable and fun to read. The book is also interspersed with various photoshots like you would see in a Martha Stewart magazine.

It's not all green leaves and raw grains either. She shares her recipe for a very flavorful and lowfat tenderloin, which I usually dislike because of the lack of fat, but she kicks it up a notch.

If you feel like your diet is killing you and everything is making you sick and nothing seems appetizing, this book will allow you easily to get the right kind of meals in your daily life. When you're feeling sick the last thing you need is involved recipes that take a long time to make. Most of the recipes are 3-5 ingredients and require little time in the kitchen.

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