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My Latest Online Earning

Posted by Linda | 4:17 PM

This month I hope to do much better than the month of March. So far it's looking like I will double my earning for last month. In total, I made a mere $213.73. This is a bit of a disappointment because I usually make around $400+ with very little effort - so that's why I'm pushing to increase this month's earning and meet my usual target.

Here's a quick break down of where the majority of that earnings came from:

  1. I had a job for a private client for $50 - this took me just over an hour to write up the article. I don't do this as much, but it helps when I get one. Very quick and easy to write 300 words.
  2. Three of my articles on Hubpages are doing quite well. They accounted for $90 of March earning. Not bad for a few articles I wrote a while ago.
  3. Sold a few ebooks on Amazon. This is quite interesting because I only just started selling again after a year's break. Anyway,  the income was not for the sales I made in March, but instead it is for the sales I made in January. Amazon usually pay after 60 days of the order.
  4. A few referrals to oDesk netted me some more affiliate income.
There you have it.

So, in an effort to push more, I have been working on two more articles that I will be posting on Hubpages - that is sure to push up my April income much higher than that of March. In fact, if you'd like to see how my articles are written, please click here. There are quite interesting articles that focus on a few interesting stuff that people care about - and in return pays handsomely for some time to come.

Please do come back at the end of the month for my report on April earnings.

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