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Leather Honey Leather Conditioner, the Best Leather Conditioner 8oz Bottle

Posted by Linda | 2:23 AM

Normally when I purchase products on Amazon I usually ignore the "suggested products" they try to batch with your primary purchase as a package deal. In my case I was buying the heavy duty occidental leather suspenders to support my gun belt that's weighed down with two 1911's and several mags.

In the suggested product section was Leather Honey, and I figured at best it would do what it claimed and at worse it would at least serve as some protection for the leather. When I got the suspenders they were exactly what I expected, extremely heavy, ultra thick and leather so stiff you could have broken brick with them. So I followed the directions on the Leather Honey hoping it could work some magic on the leather and 2 days later the results were beyond belief.

What had been hard saddle grade leather had been transformed into supple beautiful leather without losing it's ruggedness. As other reviewers have noted the easiest way of working with Leather Honey is to warm it first before applying it to the leather you're working with. In my case I heated it by placing the bottle in a pot of boiling water, which it should be noted this worked well, but I forgot to remove the inner seal so my bottle warped. If you remove the cap and seal it shouldn't do this.

Also as is implied by its name, Leather Honey is exactly the same consistency as thick honey. So while it is suggested that it should be applied with a rag or sponge, just grab a pair of rubber gloves and use your hands to work the honey into the leather. Remember a little goes a LONG way, for rock hard heavy leather, just 1/10th of my bottle turned it into very flexible soft leather. The only draw back I could think of to say about this product is that it will in fact darken your leather.

On my suspenders it turned them from a light natural leather color to a rich dark walnut or even oak color. In my opinion this was a vast improvement in the color of my leather, but if you love the light color of your leather item then this might not be the product for you. Needless to say if you have a black leather couch or anything already dark color, this won't be an issue for you.

Overall if you own anything made of leather that you want to protect, especially if it's brand new and you don't want to wait years for it to be "broken in" from use, then you can't pass Leather Honey up.

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