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Tyre Inflator - Ultraflate Plus Tire Inflater

Posted by Linda | 10:36 AM

Since I changed job last year, my daily commute has also changed from cycling to spending over an hour on the train each morning -  which means that the only time I get to ride and enjoy my bicycle is on the weekends and evenings ( that's if the weather permits).

In my previous job everyone used a bike because the office was in an industrial complex on the opposite end of town with very little traffic. And because everyone was using bicycle, it was normal for me to get one when I joined. So, not only did I save on fares, it also allowed me to enjoy the great outdoors and also get to ride around.

But as anyone who owns a bicycle knows, one thing that can really dampen your is when you have a flat tyre. It doesn't matter whether you're on the road or about to set off on your daily ride. When I had one last week just a few minutes into my evening ride, I was forced to jump on a bus back home. Luckily I use one on those folding bikes from Evans Bikes. If I had one of those Tyre Inflator thingy, I guess that would have helped, but unfortunately, I didn't have any. Besides, how many people do you know riding around with Tyre Inflator in their Avenir Bigmouth Velcro Seat Bag?

As it turns out there are lots of very cheap Tyre Inflators on the market that is very simple and easy to use. The cool thing about it is that it's even very stylish and small to fit into your breast pocket. I just bought one after I had my tire deflated last week and thought this would be something I could take with me on my rides.

Here's a video of how small these Tyre Inflators are and how to put it together once you have the package.

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