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Port Mortuary (A Scarpetta Novel)

Posted by Linda | 2:20 PM

While I didn't enjoy Port Mortuary as much as I did Scarpetta and The Scarpetta Factor, I did like it more than Trace and Predator. I think Ms Cornwell is getting back on track with Scarpetta & company as evidenced by how well Scarpetta and The Scarpetta Factor were done, but she veers dangerously close to Predator's precipice in Port Mortuary.

I found Port Mortuary to be strangely disjointed. It was almost as if it was either a prologue to the story of Scarpetta's career, or an epilogue to the story of Jack Fielding. We started seeing references to Fielding's decay in either Scarpetta or The Scarpetta Factor, or both. Now that arc has evidently concluded.
Why are we just now finding out that Kay Scarpetta was in the military? I don't remember its ever being referred to in any book prior to this one. Was she discharged?

Given all this, I eagerly await Scarpetta's next adventure.

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