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Love My HD Kindle Fire

Posted by Linda | 8:45 AM

Last year I bought the Kindle Fire and talked a friend into getting one who hasn't every had a computer and is handicapped. When the HD came out I wanted to get it. I love the sound when playing music and the pictures in HD are just like watching our TV.

 I was never a reader until I got my Kindle last year, I hated to read. The Kindle has changed all of that. My friend who is handicapped and loves to read but can't drive and health problems makes it hard for her to hold large books to read and to get out the buy books. I talked her into the Kindle Fire.

She loves her Kindle Fire and her 43 yr. old handicapped son, who can't read, has one. He watches moves and plays games and loves his music. So I had to put a good word in for the Kindle Fire. I got an idea what to do with my Kindle Fire I bought from last year.

At Christmas I had a drawing with my family for my Kindle Fire. I purchase the Kindle Fires last year for Christmas for my family. Each of them put their names on a paper and we drew the name of the winner of this package that was wrapped crazy. My son-in-law won it and he loves to read.

We had a lot of fun with that. I have Prime for my Kindle and love the free shipping and free books and more with it. I can't say enough about my Kindle HD. Just got the App. for the camera and having fun with it also.

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