This review is from: Killing Kennedy: The End of Camelot (Hardcover) : Home Business Concepts
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This review is from: Killing Kennedy: The End of Camelot (Hardcover)

Posted by Linda | 3:43 PM

I just finished the Kindle Book, "Killing Kennedy" Great read, well written and researched. Highly recommended. Many new things I hadn't heard before. Even a personal surprise or two about Bill O'Reilly's ties to the Kennedy's and follow on of the assassination. I'm not saying Bill did it or conspired with Oswald, Just saying you should read and check out his multiple connections.... Coincidence???????

I read this book in conjunction with watching two TV shows on the assassination. Based on eye witness accounts of when the first bullet was fired, it's quite likely it hit some part of the traffic light pole that extended over the street. A shooter following the president through a scope wouldn't have seen the pole soon enough to hesitate. Digital blood spatter overlays match the assumption Kennedy was killed from a rear shot. Also, I had never seen so many people that were there being interviewed or knew there were so many other films from that day at other angles. No magic bullet, no grassy knoll shooter. One shooter, three bullets.

Not saying a lot of people didn't want Kennedy dead. Johnson, White segregationists, Hoover, Castro, CIA, The Mob, and God only knows how many others he pissed off and probably all wanted him dead. Just not the connections to the case or opportunity like Oswald had.

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