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Fifty Shades Trilogy - annoying and repetitive

Posted by Linda | 6:09 PM

I will admit that the first of the three in the trilogy was good. In the second the characters started to become more unrealistic and annoying. The basic layout of the second book was they got into a fight then they had sex then they talked about how much they loved each other then there would be a little bit of the plot.

In all honestly the author could have just copied and pasted all the sex scenes and lovey dovey talks and it would be the same book. The third book was just unbearable. I stopped halfway through because of Christians obnoxious need to control everything she did and Ana's even more annoying need to give in on what she wanted just to make him happy. She would be telling him how she felt only to have him seduce her mid argument.

As a result he continued to be controlling and it felt as if he never respected her independence. In my opinion the book is saying that it is okay to be in a controlling relationship when the sex is good as long as he seems to be making an attempt to change. The second and third book romanticize this unhealthy controlling relationship that this young girl is in.

I also do understand that this is a fantasy book, but it was more unrealistic than a cheesy horror movie on the SyFy network. First off Christian started his company when he was either 19 or 20 (because he did complete 2 years of college) and by the age of 27 he was making about $100,000 an hour.

Not only that but he had enough time to become amazing in bed, which as most women know it takes quite some time to train most men. Second, Ana climaxes at least once every time they have sex. Again if it was like this and they only had sex a few times in the book, then it would be believable. They also get married a couple of months after meeting and none of their friends or family put up a fight about this.

Everyone just asked them if they were sure this is what Christian and Ana then went on their marry ways. Finally, there wasn't a prenup! I don't personally know any billionaires, but I am assuming they would get prenups.

Bottom line, if you want to read a book with mediocre sex scenes and your fantasy is to have a man control you not only in the bedroom but in your life then this trilogy will be a good read for you. If not then the first book in the trilogy is good and I would recommend just finding a summary of the 2nd and 3rd online.

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