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Thank You Notes

Posted by Linda | 8:42 AM

I watch almost every Jimmy Fallon show, and Thank You Notes on Fridays is one of my favorite segments. Jimmy's show is just hilarious..the games they do are outrageous and ridiculously funny (Models and Buckets??? Name That Guy???), and segments like Thank You Notes just complete it. You do not get Jimmy and the Roots' amazing presentation of the Thank You Notes in this book, but the jokes are still amazing. The best part about it is how Jimmy and the writers take little things that no one thinks about and exploits them in a thank you note.

Buy the book, it's only a half a dozen bucks. Anyone with a sense of humor will love it. After you read it, watch the show on Fridays for the segment. As I said before, the jokes are great, five star worthy... but the presentation of these thank you notes on the show just puts it over the edge.

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